Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chris Brown X Dan @ Loaded

Wow....where to Chris Brown and Rhianna cruised into town generally on occasions like this, when all your mates/girlfriend have paid 160 for a ticket, yet you're broke from a one night piss up called "super club" which really has financially stuffed you, you hope to get a free ticket....dream on...or maybe not...Now the key to working your way in is start small!!! I started, and a bit off a piece that may not seemed to be so easy to chew...his name is Gerald Heyward (google him, hes legit) and he is the MAN!! Aside from being afro american with a swagger hailing from Pennsylvania, he's a stand character. I hit him up in the store and started sparking up convo, and before you know it, we taking sneakers which lead him to school me on the air force 1 heritage...and I'm not talking white on white, I'm taking Quest Love collabs and Mr Cartoons laser etchings...anyways he says i need a real leather jacket, on that note excuse my self from work and take him round wellington on a little tour and show him the this dude is telling me how hes worked with Coolio, Mary j blige, just got off touring with Lil Weeeeeeezy and is tight as with Jay Z...I'm thinking this guys the man, and it semi looks as if Ive got my lips wrapped around his dick heheh...aaaaanyways im saying to the dude we gotta catch up tomorrow and grab lunch, hes goes one better and tells me to come to the gig and bring a mate...So I rocked up with Marino around 6pm ... (marino had to tell the boss at his work he ruptured his stomach mixed with indian curry shit and a tad of pink eye)...which got him there

6:30 hit were out back and the man Gerald rolls out and proves my point to Marino who thought i was all shit up until then..we met up with Flo and Pollz in line (which took 2hours to get in) and good hooked up with B A L L I N seated tickets right by the stage...felt like i was in Space Jam, watching the MonStars play.....(NOTE: I saw Young Sid today and waved at him, yet he doesn't know who I am and why should he, however despite that hes the man)...back on topic, Chris Brown killed it, Rhianna killed it with the MIA tribute and the yeah done...the rest was history...NOW THIS IS BIT IS EXCITING!!!!

So we leave and get told to hang out back, then I get a phone call from a American cell saying to come meet them at the Bolton hotel...we cruise there and the whole entourage and that are there wanting to shop...but its 1am...

So we all jump into a van with security and roll to the shop and open it up for them to do a massive yeah they rolled, 1hour and a bit later back to the hotel, me and marino grab cheeseburgers and then go to separate beds...its mind boggling just to think of it...some may think this story is ridiculous but for me this was an accomplishment...I was able to hang within a group of guys and girls who are someone big out there in the music industry and i was not a liability or a pain in the a greater sense they were intrigued by me and how we do things in NZ...Gerald was the man, one of the most modest men Ive met aside from my old man, who brought the show to life...we've exchanged email addresses hes got my number, I will email him, however to put their life and global tours into the realm of reality, there is always going to be another Dan Atkins in the next city they go to or even country...

But for the last 24 hours I felt great, and totally forgot that I went to superclub and "donated" Sam my watch, spent $550 on shots spread amongst friends however ended up Sam myself and Marino sinking the most, dancing behind the bar, and struggling to find Shan so I could grab my VIP pass which i was promised....but never got....and then flo gets knocked out by the wind and starting crying ahahhaa...priceless

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new Hobby

Well this is the first ever post ever of that I have mentioned, a lot of people would not even know this, or that I'd be working on this on the sly...but yeah....I'm a member of the "white tails" ahaha....nah but actually I have always wanted to pursue talent management, especially that of musicians...and I have one...hes a good friend of mine, as well as a flatmate, and this is the first time im exposing him...ahaha

So basically aside from this blog dedicated to random smack as well as honoring the all might tim westwood, and nz hiphop on a different perspective, I will know be logging the rise or demise of Myself and Marino...As soon as i can i will upload a snippet of what we have worked on....the dedication is there as I have over $2000 worth of mic's and amps etc etc under my name...High Purchase...yezzzzzzzur

So yeah it has begun, to all that can help me at all please do, flick me an email or what not...anything really, so far we've had great input and hopefully more to come...p.s click on DIRTY RECORDS link on the right bar, some real interesting stuff happening those ways aka cleaning up the hiphop scene ... 1 album at a time

NEWS FLASH: I'm watching MTV and "totally Callum Best" is on TV talking to an agent, pitching why he should get signed...why should you callum...youre old man was a drunk, however a great footie my friend were made famous by fucking lindsay lohan and now shes gay...S-H-A-M-E!!!!!

Mr Sirvere add my bog to your list!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

got me one of these...

Yes thats right ladies and gents...I bet you're kicking yourselves right now knowing you missed out on this one...I can think of a handfull of people right now who would be kicking themselves knowing that they missed on the size run on these bad boys...its even been modelled by Dj. it'll be brendan pongia from good morning tv (TV 1)...

The tee set me back $40 nzd, but im sure...i sure...that the money is going to a good cause...
and on that note a plug to pera's new video, which hopefully will make it to our shores sometime before the second transformers movie in looked mean, heaps of cool extras who looked like famous people...a t Pain, Jin, even a guy who looked like a horse, and a random stalker who turned up everywhere that we were...

ooooooh and before i forget go see "the Strangers"......hollllly shit what a frightner, watched it last night with the gang, I can tell you for a fact that there were undies galore with skid marks and heaps of screams, worth seeing, or unless your cool like me you download it (which took 2 weeks) ahahaa, if only i had the link to the good stuff

I wonder if Sirvere had to pay for his t shirt?

shake shake shake ya booooo-tay

HOLY!! what a weekend(s) to come..."Super club" aka "la clubo superbo" - aka a mix of Italian and spanish and swagger what a line up, when the AK brings the game down to Wellington, to school everyone, yezzzzzzzur...the Sunday following will most def result in lounging around, copious amount of mc donalds, heavy sweats and no doubt long indulgent snoozes on campo's couch while he configures one of his endless sound effects...Then on the Monday a 6 DAY COUNT starts, as Ill be running the Auckland half marathon, on Sunday morning up in blows my mind, that thousands upon thousands of people will be at a start line at 6.30am to run for hours and push themselves through physical boundaries...which makes me wonder why I'm doing this....I guess this is the promo place where i say "thanks to ADIDAS" for sponsoring me with free gears and will be running this half marathon for all the pale, 100kg + double chinned, have more brown mates than white, hiphop loving, white boys just like me...If you see me running early on the Sunday after you've had a great night in town the night before and are just leaving Denny's to go home at 7am, which im sure Felila, Campo, Sam and Ailsa will be doing when im at the line, stick your fist in the sky, recite either "Bad boy for life" or "notorious" (because I know all the lyrics to those tracks) and I will embrace you whilst singing the hook!! The million dollar question is whats on the IPOD playlist for the track that is for sure on there is the "Everything (rap remix)" from P Money, Vince Harder, Scribe, Pnc and D. Dallas...its pretty mean, its one of those tracks when the wind is blowing through your air, you've hit the 20km mark and have only 1000m to go, you see the line, success is imminent and then a massive sea gull shits warm poos on your forehead giving you second degree burns...buts its ok because the remix is dope and hinders the pain, especially when PNC raps about some phantom...(note to self, search lyrics at

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Underground Vs Reality

I-d-i-o-t-' what i like to refer to "hip hop" artists who try and spin the line about why underground is better than commercial hip hop...My side to this discussion is based on the idea that I'm an avid fan of hip hop and am currently working on an artist myself (but more of the rnb genre)...I tend to find myself fall into these awkward situations with drunk so called "up an comer's" of the hip hop field, telling me about how they "spit" on commercial NZ rappers....thats cool but why spit on success? How do you measure success? Money, music sales, fan-base, artist collaborations, myspace friends?? NZ is far to small for a group of idiots to stand by the "i only listen to underground shit....fuck the sell outs"...hip hop in New Zealand seems to be a dying breed, with resurgence of electro, dub and punk. So why stand a strong line and disagree with what success there is within the hip hop genre? It seems ridiculous for people to argue such a thing, as i may sound naive, however I'm sure people in the underground want to hit success and get heard at a larger level? ... maybe I just don't understand the whole back block behind this whole rap game...I support NZ music, I support NZ hip hop but i don't support idiots flinging mixtapes, rocking fitteds, coin save tee's, spitting nuisance, when really they're just gutted they're packing groceries, cleaning up aisle 3, and cant afford to pay for their lifestyle which primarily consists of stupidly souped up cars, a pack of DRUM rollys, and a dozen of viking at $10.99 at the Mill...maybe they haven't heard of Black Heart...I have, and its fuckin "commercially awesome"

I just had a thought...if they were underground "till the death" ...does that mean they buy BUDGET cornflakes and BUDGET soap??


Fuck the free world says B Rabbit

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I just realised something....I don't even know how many people check this blog out at all...cuz all i got is one follower...(shot abby)...Come on pera, become a follower g, or is that only once my debts are paid...mahhhhhh man!! I will however build a straight contingency of loyal followers, so far I have Abby, Felila and Ailsa...Dave said he might link it, which is good enough as a win win for me..Maybe I should "e" interview dj sirvere and see how he does it? I reckon its the "notorious" camera...dude pulls it out everywhere, da meanest ohhh taking a dump....oh shit "say cheeeese"

Visuals seems what people into now a days, some of that less reading, and more watching and hearing, almost like the whole world wants to voluntarily be dyslexic muhh fuc*az...Maybe I should start one of those straight hunger marathon...

"I aint gonna eat mother fuc*ers until i get 10 followers and 6 hits a day..." or maybe I should get this linked to some famous as dude and then put a post up saying...."Mr ? added me as link, ... click the link here, and it automatically links back to mine"

Either way "IM ON THE "E" GRIND"...just waiting for MTC to hit me up now!!


Checked the vid out the other day...straight to the core with this one, running game for his new album by himself, shit lookin good like a deserted island, with a 6ft2 swedish model whos asking for directions!
Big things Im sure to always