Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quinton RIP?

Whatever happened to this kid...hes in the Romeo and Juliet (1995) epic...his names Quinton Tarver, and I reckon he made those scenes in the film and now hes gone...

If you're reading this Quinton, we love you and so does Tim Westwood (because i speak on behalf of him)

Dizzee Rascal for Prime Minister?

Who would of that when I went and saw this dude at the power-station he had some alternative domination... he really does stem his words together fluently like Obama...I wonder where Tim Westwood stands on this stance..

Chipmunk ft. Louick Essien - Beast

The track is ait..the video is an LL Cool J phenomenon!!

Birthday Bash

Yes thats right I turned 22....

Its a weird age to turn...18 is huge and 21 even bigger, but 19, 20, and 22 seem irrelevant...Why is that? Is that because they are the staple birthday's in order to drink nationally as well as internationally? ...ah fuck it who cares... For the 3rd year in a row I worked on my birthday at Loaded, some may call this a habit, bad luck or simply avoidance of the obvious..There is nothing like making peoples days by selling them shoes and putting a massive grin on their face when really they are unaware the sales person is having his birthday (which means that day should be all about him) and then your cell phone goes off, to which your half deaf dutch grandmother is wishing you a happy birthday, but you really can't hang up on her!!
That night ended up with One red dog and coyotes with Marino Baz and Alex and of course Felila...There was something remotely funny about watching guys throw ice at 160kg+ nesian girls ... or maybe not...

Saturday night BBQ, drinks and music...see what i mean no rowdy partys, drunk talk, fights, drunken hook ups, arguments, broken glass, random party crashers, ipod music changers, spew, noise control, racial remarks, cipher sessions, ciggarette buts, woodstock was t-a-m-e...and it was devine!! At 3am to ended up with myself, Marino and Campo sinking back CC and Dry, talking about Marino's Music and what we all had planned for the next year...

This may sound like the most boring night to you but I really didnt care...its was incredible...theres something awesome about being able to sit down with a group of guys, talk smack and not have the itching inclination to go to town, instead laugh at stupid jokes, make fun of youtube videos, compare Obama to John Key and wonder what would happen if we all went to the sex expo on sunday...

Rememeber: KEEP ON DOWNLOADING "EVERYTHING" FROM P MONEY...FROM I TUNES STORE...(thats right ailsa and felila?? dont just rely on me and sam to download a copy ahah)

ohhhh and DEVOLE - TOO SHY....its balllllllin...(...but devlo youre not shy are ya mate?) KEEP IT COMING

Above is Marek...

there are many ways to describe a man like marek...

He is a self proclaimed king of club music
He released 4 albums called "Hip-hop that makes you sweat down your balls i.e chris brown and terror squad"
Contributes to dans every growing grey hair
Claims he should be given leigh way because he just had a kid
Purposely lines me up to walk into his egg diagnosed farts
Starts beef with the entire Wellington hip-hop scene
Feels hiphop has lost its fun and now in turn prefers electronica and heavy rock
If it wasn't for me and loaded he would be wearing grey/grey/black
He decides what time he starts at work
He decides what time he leaves work
He spends thousands of dollars a week on shoes and doesn't tell Rose
Pretends to be a struggling Polish jew/musician and still gets shivers from the holocaust
Will never pay for anything unless it's wholesale or less than that
Spends a lot of time blogging nuisance
Receives way to much free shit when really...he does nothing
Flys up to every vice party just so he can say he goes to auckland 2 a month
Created a party called Kentucky Fried Chicken Sound System....when really that shit has been done, its called listening to the music inside KFC

....above are a few reasons why I love you Marek...keep doing your thing son!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the weekend that WAS

Wow...what a weekend to be honest...Where to start...well Wellington had the worst weather ever, blessing myself, felila and campo with mad delays to fly up to the AK....(again)....after mad deliberation, confusion and considerable hussle from our behalfs we managed to sneak into the only plane leaving Wellington that day...we ended up on the plane with "Cut off your hands" and Mr Sicc and Young Sid...Now these dudes officially fly Soul plane, rock the fresh lines, dark shades and crispy fresh tall tee...where the Cut off your hands, rock the Grey, grey, black combo...someone needs to throw some colour at those cats!! We hit down in AK, and catch up with Sam and Ailsa, followed by mad rush to get the Sky sports up and running for the game....

Holy shit that game was ridiculously dumb and pointless, despite our win...s-h-i-t...we then ended up going to Pete's Halloween partay, which included a shit load of finger snacks, flava flav, ninja, amy winehouse, geek, woody from toy story (?), teen wolf, flashdance, Mr. T and heaps of others...After re-enacting the "everything" dance and confessing my undesirable love for ebony from "the Tribe" and how I used to watch her when I used to live in Luxembourg as a kid
HIGHLIGHT: Sam and Campo discussing movies, in which Sam asks Campo to unzip him so he can piss...

Ever wondered what it looks like waking up at 3am in the morning and looking outside your kitchen window to see a Bit Red Raptor being aided to pee by a knife wielding ninja...gutted you missed it!! was time to go...and thats where my night ended because in 3 hours i was going to run the AUCKLAND HALF MARATHON...cue rocky music

A 6.30am start and finished 2 hours and 15 minutes later I had knocked down a pillar, followed by the most horrific chaffing ever...prompting aisla to title me Mr Chaffy Ball Bags...or something like that...imagine the feeling of water trickling down your leg , although you then think it's blood, thats seeping from your balls and ass crack, it feels like some hindu muhh fucker is doing some real life pins and needle voodoo shit on feels like karma, like that time you ripped a flys wings off and now its pay back!!! It feels like you have no reason to walk anymore, let alone talk, you feel helpless and disorientated, and more than anything else crippled...THATS what greeted me when i finished!! CLASSIC...Aside from seeing a few celebs run it for charity like that dude from Breakfast "Brendan Pongi?" and "Ieremia something...the lady" - who cut the toilet lines before the run...bitch nah...ahahaha...

After the most incredible brunch somewhere in Auckland, (chicken pasta...feel like sirvere writing on all the asian joints he hits up over in aussie)...we ended up at a beach somewhere in Auckland and grabbed ice cream...The beach, the weather, the company was priceless...Theres something satisfying about going to the beach and taking your kicks off, exposing feet whiter than A4 paper, and strolling in the sun while still be comfortable ahahha...good times yahhhh heard...this then followed by Miss Rap Supreme and Ailsa reciting the latest in Celeb gossip and sam downloading The Hills, a meal at Wendy Burgers, spilling the chips, a flight back to 04 which included kids throwing notes to each other, and decent leg space...we had completed a good 24 hours of mayhem...

There is something incredible about being able to say that you can run 21km and not walk any of it, and just keep on going...very eye opening, just next time will have power supplies of vasaline ready to go on command and maybe take my ipod next time...ohh yes there will be a next back to saving for my trip to La, Vegas and NY next year!!!

Quote of the Month: Eat Shit