Sunday, April 19, 2009


People gradually realise i post alot of PNC and P MONEY and etc etc on this blog and thats also because a lot of people that may stumble on this blog are generally lost...and under the grand scheme of things could post up any shit i wanted to and know deep down that this would get discovered by some lil homie in his room eating porridge in bermingham UK looking for the tim westwood shit...then he hits me and scrolls down, plays the song, and tells his mate...thats how it works, its called pull my finger and ill fart...nah wrong game...ahaha anyways...its a dope track..a back and forth banter of fans and love for music and hate that comes alongside, a true tribute to what can be an ambassador to real hiphop minus guns, drive bys, 40's and some ho callled rosa parks...5 stars...yeah thats right i said it!



Signed, sealed, and delivered to my feet, hands, box, bag, fuck it i got em and Im going to flaunt the shit out of it...Fuck that haters, i bite the hype, i hunted and i achieved!

People hate the Yeezy cuz its hype...thats all it is...this is the first time NIKE ever actually created a shoe name after a musician "kanye west"....and its of bape and jordan 5's alike with a glow in the dark sole...These shoes make the collection for now and will an ever impending retail increase on ebay its not just a dope sneaker, but also an investment!

So...i tried everwhere, called norway, states, poland, france holland even the kilates boys didnt have them...i then head down to LIMITED EDITION...leaders in the sneaker game WORLDWIDE hands down...holding tier 0, consortium, acg, bbc, jordan etc theyre hype with a store set like a library its ridiculous....anyways i see the yeezys but in my mind im thinkin nah theyll only have a us 9 or 8 left like the other i ask this dude, and i tell him my story...he looks at me up and down, he smiles, he makes me wait, he smiles, and he politely says to me and felila, come with me...

So we walk, and walk down winding streets, illusive buildings tower over us, alley ways approach made better by great conversation (his name is angel...oooooh yes u are) and he owns and runs LIMITED EDITION in barcelona...look out for sneaker freaker 15 for a write he takes us to show room/stock room and low key store called OPIUM thats affiliated with him...I look in and thought i was in SUPREME LA...dudes jamming OG jordan 11's (you like that aye sam!), fragment tennis classics lyyin round, a clock made of jordans and under a glass platter thing was a pair of yeezys

He says to me that everyone has wanted it but for the wrong reasons, i.e ebay or just cuz its dope...i told him about marek (who i work with) and how i had to bring this home to show his new born child (mika...this ones for you bro)! and there he had it the last like a glove and where as 3 other stores I went to were selling them for 300 euro a pair he spot it for 250 for me...what a dude...he really was the nicest dude in the game...he mentions openinig up a sneaker store in London and that recession is bullshit, and we talk about the carharrt store and how you have to ring a bell to get in (but why when no ones inside ahahha)

1 hour later, a friend later, a yeezy later, and a great girlfriend who helped me fund them, i walked away a happy happy ANGEL thank you and yes I will email you that stuff, and thank you for the next 3 colourways to come...your truely are the man

And that was it...after being told to eat shit, that it wasnt going to happen and way to many phone calls...i got them...its a hobby, its a passion, but at the end of the day they are just sneakers...but for me it was telling myself i wasnt going to leave europe without them, and i haven't...mind over matter mother fuckers and right now the mind is proving a whole lot of people wrong!

1 love...t minus 20 days till the next colourway!

dave chappelle move over

We saw this dude today before we had to train, bus, and fly back to Italy...this guy dressed as a clown, with a real squeeeky voice held the whole street on lock down and basically ran a show on the other side of the street...dude had like 200 people stop on :la rambla: and watch his antics...everything from hasseling old spanish ladies, to kids, and groups of dudes...check the homage he pays to 007...all you could hear was deafening laughter for ages...
I wonder if he pays taxes?
any if he did what would his job description be...i dress as a clown, and immitate people and chase any demographic up a street...ahh yes youre a jahovas witness?

either way dude made everyones day so whoever you are keep on slappin that paint on your face, and keep on not paying taxes...we love you for it! OLA!!!


So this dude above pretty muchs pulls the crowds on la rambla...hes the man, the vid speaks for itself...dudes official...the street im filming on was a stone throw from the hotel and at night turns in to gotham city minus batman...(sorry andy...batman on holiday) its run by scody indian dudes selling cans of beers for a euro each..tried buying one last night wasted for 70 cents ... no luck..he didnt know what he missed out on .. every cent counts! ahaha and then to complement that, the streets filled with prostitutes aka :whores: ahaha...god a movie script in the making..."while batman in on holiday indians with cans of beer and crasy whores attempt to govern the citys income" I NEED A TRAILER!

Barcelona ... what can i say?

So on friday flo and I took off to barcelona as you do (not) and grabbed a ryan air flight to gerona which is like 1 hour out of barcelona...the plane was shit, leg room was crap and you dont get pre booked seats so its a free for all...stand your ground son! ahaha...aaaaaaaaaanyways touch down in gerona hit up the bus, which is pretty much like the plane but on wheels minus the A/C...
So we left buno siera and arrived in OLA SENIOR!
hotel we stayed at ballin, nice low key right on the main strip and close to everything in need to be seen! So we drop our bags, wash our face, change my undies, lace my feet and we walk and walk walk...around 9pm we roll down to 24 KILATES a store in barcelona that I have become "friendly" with and LOADED has sold their collab with NB shoes...hype beast 101 son!

Was dope talking to the fore front till about 12am drinkin spanish beer, looking at the REEBOK range for winter in europe (ladies ladies ladies...freestyles galore) and the ROCKSMITH range which is tip drill ill! Pol (owner) distro's all that round europe and they way they showed us how they livin ... its all gooooooooood!


Now SPAIN 101: shops open at 10am and close at 12:30pm ... open at 16pm and shut at 20pm...what they do at lunch...umm sleep and eat, but mainly sleep...out of it...yeah pol was aying they dont eat till 11pm, party at 3am and go home at 8am...good one, fuck being the sober driver

We walked around the whole of the city, checked out the zoo ... random yes, but whens the last time you saw lions, tigers and bears (oh my) and dragons and shit...ahahah jizz jokes...nah but seriously the funniest thing on this planet is watchin a hippo go for a swim with his mate...and casually take a shit in the pool that theyre swimming in and watching it all float to the top...and at the same time the other hippo yawns and almost eats his mates shit...friendship taken to a whole other level...WORD!

fuck i just relised theres so much to write and im getting impatient so ill split it...but anyways shits crazy son ate heaps of food, saw some serious funny shit down "la rambla" which is the main street in barca that has all the clowns and dudes who dress up and stand still in costume and this juggling soccer guy on the grind...the official man!

I got yeezys thats on the next post...

met dudes from all walks of life and deal with nike, reebok and puma over there, how they access certain shoes, tier 0 and the whole consortium + the hype behind the originals by orignals range...and how important themed stores are...which is ever so evident in barca...the city seriously shat on italy on so many levels...any homies speak english...unlike the stubborn italians...

Ill leave you with the pics and next post will have all that hypy videos!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd update! florence oooooh baby

Just rocked through Florence for the day probbaly will have to go back due to the illustrious stupid italian lines to get in to the museum...9 hours down, almost knocked a statue over in the ufitzi museum...and yeah the rest is history...stinking hot, chocolate waffles, and a maesto knows a double cheese cheese...

All out a mean day, but so much to see and so lil bow wow time...

ponder this....oooooooooooooooooooooh