Thursday, February 26, 2009

ETHICAL on some hype shit

I dig the MTC vibe... but on serious shit I dig this track...the video is killah and the song is ballin...there is something honestly humbling and real about a dude who may sell the "hard" image, breaking out about whats real on a ridiculously easy hook like and sinker with the smooth back beats...The dude Merriweather laces it down with the voice that sets the pace...Its crazy the last 3-4 posts have been about NZ hiphop vids and recent releases...Ill be honest I didn't buuy Ethical's lastest album (coming of age?)...I bought off ITUNES "talk of the town" and have followed him through whatever track or vid he pops up on...sponosred by the cats from LOWER ( hes a got a great team backing him up with links in NY...some would say a benchmarker!

Dope track and dope vid which reminded of the video below it...MITCHELL BROTHERS - ALONE WITH THE TV....enjoy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So im re in ve nt in g my self through TWITTER...but since im not cashed up like Johnny and not smart as mr MAC im just updating my twitter online :

i dont really know what the point is ... not much exciting happens but at the same point who cares its fun to write bullshit to 3 followers just like this blog...i could write on and on and on and on...and just write senseless shit like how im working out at the moment and i consumed a whole bag of lollies (PAMS) and real tired...but just wouldnt be fun for anyone ( although i cud go on for ages) so yeah hit it up if u keen if not...east shit!

ANGELS....on the T . I . P

hmmmmmm....I like Switzerland...its a cool place, nice food, kinda fucked how they think theyre so cool so they don't use the EURO (currency) and they never really ever do have an opinion...Im dutch and kiwi, i save money and sometimes hold back on the front, which could make me a dick...either way when people listen to this track the following consist:

2.UNDECIDED (citizens of switzerland)

1.Now the HATERS hate because it aint hiphop...and these small % are generally still waiting for the underground to rise above the struggle...(wake up it aint gonna happen, and the reason theyre underground is cuz theyre to shit to make it during day time) HATERS hang on to what they remember, theyre all about memories and reminiscing...
but HATERS dont like when the world changes and improves etc, the HATERS stay on their comps and in their shitty 9-5 job just hating, rolling a smoke, drinkin double brown and contemplating what horse to bet's such as RONSON, AM, A TRAK have all dabbled hiphop and then changed their course...

2. UNDECIDED people are funny...they kinda wait to see what the HATERS and the LOVERS have to say about it...if HATERS say fuck this shit, then so does he, but if the LOVERS say i like, so does he...but if LOVERS and HATERS are in the same room...then mr UNDECIDED goes to take a shit to buy time.

3. LOVERS...they're kind of wierd, when people love a track, does it mean they dig it or they love it cuz thats their mood at the moment ... but that mood being that sense it could be vital to string a branch between UNDECIDED and LOVERS and call it the FEELERS...

I feel this track...i remember pete playing this to me, sam, ailsa and flo one night and kinda buggin on it, kinda like when some annoyin dude is at the movies in front of you and just munchin on ice the whole say something or nah? you not undeceided cuz u know what you want to do and how you feel...i let the song sink and then copped it on ITUNES...and been loopin it ever since...its a power play, with elements of few and far between chucked in...its dope...its gotta "smack my bitch up meets firestarter" from PRODIDGY vibe...where you might not here it for a month or two and then hear it again and realise why you "felt" it the first time...

bazooka kid remix? ahah

Some "HOME & WAY" chick ft. PNC

First off...this video is ballin'...concept and everything nailed to a T..the dude samuelle aka kneegrow holds it down on the black and white front, nailing all that attempt to fluctuate color in his way with his mad WU tang ninja mind tricks assassinating all that attempt to screw with the beat...this other chick...not sure how to say be politically correct Ill say this wasn't her song...obviously she can sing, just don't reckon this was the song that real showcased who or what she trying to be...instead repelling Sam into a takeover mode and ballin it out like the wallflowers at the school disco's next to the fizzy punch stand!
Maybe a marketing strategy to have a greater response to the song and zoom onto stardom, why not have a rapper as n accomplice, that way all the less fortunate people will know im down for the cause...she almost had it, but none the less great 16's


I'm a sucker for catchy hooks and especially dual monotonic old black men singing in the background, but never seeing their faces who go "ooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh" ... mix that in with some serious straight forward, no bullshit, 101 hip hop guideline music video stance, a modest wardrobe (i.e not to flash which is a good thing) and DEVOLO who is the have a hit...or at least i reckon you still has the hard line underlined muscle and hustle that "borrowed time" had but now with a splash of swagger and a pinch of james brown, there is something that even the odd Caucasian can get down too! Its dope...simple yet effective...if this is the way 2009 is shaping out to be, were lookin' real good...