Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some "HOME & WAY" chick ft. PNC

First off...this video is ballin'...concept and everything nailed to a T..the dude samuelle aka kneegrow holds it down on the black and white front, nailing all that attempt to fluctuate color in his way with his mad WU tang ninja mind tricks assassinating all that attempt to screw with the beat...this other chick...not sure how to say be politically correct Ill say this wasn't her song...obviously she can sing, just don't reckon this was the song that real showcased who or what she trying to be...instead repelling Sam into a takeover mode and ballin it out like the wallflowers at the school disco's next to the fizzy punch stand!
Maybe a marketing strategy to have a greater response to the song and zoom onto stardom, why not have a rapper as n accomplice, that way all the less fortunate people will know im down for the cause...she almost had it, but none the less great 16's

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