Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Jermaine Dupri is the man...but that photo above sucks..and despite dating a very talented graphic designer I still havent hit her up about my layout for the blog...

I lost faith in JD...why? Hes the man tho right...hes small and tried having beef with Dr dre, who finished why the enfatuation...if so I should have arie gold as an avatar as I aspire to be as great as him (the real him and what he embodies of course) obsession

I have a problem...its ALIFE...i love it...i always have...its the not a hypebeast but i love the collab shit...if its alife and some other brand i need it...reebok x alife i got it...alife x asics i got it...alife x wu tang i got it...and now alife x fila...dayyyym shit looks aight, ALIFE whored themselves out for a while but now they keeping it real...their new website if sweet and sexy...every tempted shoppers nightmare, encouraging ever growing visa card man james ( made a fair enough call on the ALIFE chaser model which went wickity wack and took some D12 X zebra based purple stripe to an already wack model...but FILA has done them proud!! just had a massive sale on ALIFE and i raped the shit out of it...literally bent it backwards and ate a doule quarter pounder off it while i pinned away on paypal...i have a rep code as well but its buried amongst my junk email box shared with penis pills, adopting russian wives and how i missed the phone call that i won a million trillion dollars...if u want it hit me and it gives you 20% off...mean aye yeah hard out G!

I got those J5S on ice aka pic above...3m is average but the red suede is buttery like eating red riding she a blood? Who knows some of that gang war fare shiaaaat! Jordan 1 countdown pack coming soon JUly i think might be a cop but not to sure, unrelentless spending aka useless but well see...Im still fiening for the AIR MAX 95 neon release ... dope sneaker, dope model, just eating arse about the price...will need to ponder on that biatch too! and plus i have to pay felila back...

Daniel Merriweather is cool...aside from the biblical name shared by me...his parents named him after me, his last name is rad...its like his parents conceived him on christmas eve with mean weather...aka merry - weather....yeah dry!

NEYO ----> NZ

Heard the silent word that NEYO will be gracing our shores!!!

Nov's own vince harder doing the opening act!!

more tbc...

xoxo gossip girl ahaha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What's up people?
How are ya?
Im back...whats been happening?
I got demoted after i got back from holiday, but thats all good, now I just can focus more on the music and making something out of my life...
I have heavily relied on smokes + booze, but im kickin the habit and taking on this bullshit head on...
So 2nd June the album i bought it, en route to lunch with Marino apres the gym...I feel like im Kirsty Alley, constantly dropping and gaining weight, and then twittering about it...fuckin tweets!


Leading up to this glorious day We all had been launched into the new PNC steez with bangers like FIND ME, MOONLIGHT, TAKE ME HOME, WHATS UP and recently TONIGHT...

But hold up theres more of that goodness/funk/electro meets eiffel 65 goodness wrapped in this album marked at $29.99 like a bar of wonkas chocolate son!!

This track is my shit!!! Its hype, funky beats produced by Forty One & Evan Short, the dude Sam's lyrics butter the track like a hot cross bun on easter weekend when you really want to buy only one but go for that second one anyway! The opening seconds make me think, if I was Michael Bay or the dude who directed Teen Werewolf and was going to do a Kirate kid movie, about some fat kid whos loses weight and fucks mother fuckers up at the end, and has a crazy orgy on the beach with a bunch of sweedish models who's boat stopped working,....(breathe)....then this song would play....seize the day muh fuckers!

1/2 KAST
I like my slow songs...i like them when i know big dudes sing on them too...i like them when the lyrics make sense, I like them when its raining and cold, and u can just remember shit like ... where all my money went, or how rude i was at some point, or aspiring to be greater (or not) ahaha....but this track is a def sunday thrasher, chilling at a cafe sipping some of that sizzurp aka hot chocolate with two marashmallows (one pink+one white) and 2 sugars...with a "thugs mansion" twang to it, its a keeper, in my "sentimental" playlist on my ipod...its no often i got gooze bumps unless i hear something great or its actually really cold...but i got em!

Tyra sounds hot...i havent met her, but sister has some soultry vibes running thru the track...this is the kinda track that belongs on a SNATCH movie when all that shit goes slow mow and dogs are chasing rabbits etc...its some real hype run to the gym despite the snow and smash a boxing bag shit...u gotta hear...its hype.

I love this album, even if sam was a dick i'd still like it, but he isn't which is cool...but either way the album is destined for sucess and is rare to see albums exceed such a steller bench mark set by ROOKIE CARD..i commend you my friend, and as always as are the rest of them proud to call you a friend, doing what you do best and that is some serious music!!!

BUY NZ MUSIC ... or youll end up like blanket man listening to some country american bullshit...what a Nz music hater dude!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


People gradually realise i post alot of PNC and P MONEY and etc etc on this blog and thats also because a lot of people that may stumble on this blog are generally lost...and under the grand scheme of things could post up any shit i wanted to and know deep down that this would get discovered by some lil homie in his room eating porridge in bermingham UK looking for the tim westwood shit...then he hits me and scrolls down, plays the song, and tells his mate...thats how it works, its called pull my finger and ill fart...nah wrong game...ahaha anyways...its a dope track..a back and forth banter of fans and love for music and hate that comes alongside, a true tribute to what can be an ambassador to real hiphop minus guns, drive bys, 40's and some ho callled rosa parks...5 stars...yeah thats right i said it!



Signed, sealed, and delivered to my feet, hands, box, bag, fuck it i got em and Im going to flaunt the shit out of it...Fuck that haters, i bite the hype, i hunted and i achieved!

People hate the Yeezy cuz its hype...thats all it is...this is the first time NIKE ever actually created a shoe name after a musician "kanye west"....and its of bape and jordan 5's alike with a glow in the dark sole...These shoes make the collection for now and will an ever impending retail increase on ebay its not just a dope sneaker, but also an investment!

So...i tried everwhere, called norway, states, poland, france holland even the kilates boys didnt have them...i then head down to LIMITED EDITION...leaders in the sneaker game WORLDWIDE hands down...holding tier 0, consortium, acg, bbc, jordan etc theyre hype with a store set like a library its ridiculous....anyways i see the yeezys but in my mind im thinkin nah theyll only have a us 9 or 8 left like the other i ask this dude, and i tell him my story...he looks at me up and down, he smiles, he makes me wait, he smiles, and he politely says to me and felila, come with me...

So we walk, and walk down winding streets, illusive buildings tower over us, alley ways approach made better by great conversation (his name is angel...oooooh yes u are) and he owns and runs LIMITED EDITION in barcelona...look out for sneaker freaker 15 for a write he takes us to show room/stock room and low key store called OPIUM thats affiliated with him...I look in and thought i was in SUPREME LA...dudes jamming OG jordan 11's (you like that aye sam!), fragment tennis classics lyyin round, a clock made of jordans and under a glass platter thing was a pair of yeezys

He says to me that everyone has wanted it but for the wrong reasons, i.e ebay or just cuz its dope...i told him about marek (who i work with) and how i had to bring this home to show his new born child (mika...this ones for you bro)! and there he had it the last like a glove and where as 3 other stores I went to were selling them for 300 euro a pair he spot it for 250 for me...what a dude...he really was the nicest dude in the game...he mentions openinig up a sneaker store in London and that recession is bullshit, and we talk about the carharrt store and how you have to ring a bell to get in (but why when no ones inside ahahha)

1 hour later, a friend later, a yeezy later, and a great girlfriend who helped me fund them, i walked away a happy happy ANGEL thank you and yes I will email you that stuff, and thank you for the next 3 colourways to come...your truely are the man

And that was it...after being told to eat shit, that it wasnt going to happen and way to many phone calls...i got them...its a hobby, its a passion, but at the end of the day they are just sneakers...but for me it was telling myself i wasnt going to leave europe without them, and i haven't...mind over matter mother fuckers and right now the mind is proving a whole lot of people wrong!

1 love...t minus 20 days till the next colourway!

dave chappelle move over

We saw this dude today before we had to train, bus, and fly back to Italy...this guy dressed as a clown, with a real squeeeky voice held the whole street on lock down and basically ran a show on the other side of the street...dude had like 200 people stop on :la rambla: and watch his antics...everything from hasseling old spanish ladies, to kids, and groups of dudes...check the homage he pays to 007...all you could hear was deafening laughter for ages...
I wonder if he pays taxes?
any if he did what would his job description be...i dress as a clown, and immitate people and chase any demographic up a street...ahh yes youre a jahovas witness?

either way dude made everyones day so whoever you are keep on slappin that paint on your face, and keep on not paying taxes...we love you for it! OLA!!!


So this dude above pretty muchs pulls the crowds on la rambla...hes the man, the vid speaks for itself...dudes official...the street im filming on was a stone throw from the hotel and at night turns in to gotham city minus batman...(sorry andy...batman on holiday) its run by scody indian dudes selling cans of beers for a euro each..tried buying one last night wasted for 70 cents ... no luck..he didnt know what he missed out on .. every cent counts! ahaha and then to complement that, the streets filled with prostitutes aka :whores: ahaha...god a movie script in the making..."while batman in on holiday indians with cans of beer and crasy whores attempt to govern the citys income" I NEED A TRAILER!

Barcelona ... what can i say?

So on friday flo and I took off to barcelona as you do (not) and grabbed a ryan air flight to gerona which is like 1 hour out of barcelona...the plane was shit, leg room was crap and you dont get pre booked seats so its a free for all...stand your ground son! ahaha...aaaaaaaaaanyways touch down in gerona hit up the bus, which is pretty much like the plane but on wheels minus the A/C...
So we left buno siera and arrived in OLA SENIOR!
hotel we stayed at ballin, nice low key right on the main strip and close to everything in need to be seen! So we drop our bags, wash our face, change my undies, lace my feet and we walk and walk walk...around 9pm we roll down to 24 KILATES a store in barcelona that I have become "friendly" with and LOADED has sold their collab with NB shoes...hype beast 101 son!

Was dope talking to the fore front till about 12am drinkin spanish beer, looking at the REEBOK range for winter in europe (ladies ladies ladies...freestyles galore) and the ROCKSMITH range which is tip drill ill! Pol (owner) distro's all that round europe and they way they showed us how they livin ... its all gooooooooood!


Now SPAIN 101: shops open at 10am and close at 12:30pm ... open at 16pm and shut at 20pm...what they do at lunch...umm sleep and eat, but mainly sleep...out of it...yeah pol was aying they dont eat till 11pm, party at 3am and go home at 8am...good one, fuck being the sober driver

We walked around the whole of the city, checked out the zoo ... random yes, but whens the last time you saw lions, tigers and bears (oh my) and dragons and shit...ahahah jizz jokes...nah but seriously the funniest thing on this planet is watchin a hippo go for a swim with his mate...and casually take a shit in the pool that theyre swimming in and watching it all float to the top...and at the same time the other hippo yawns and almost eats his mates shit...friendship taken to a whole other level...WORD!

fuck i just relised theres so much to write and im getting impatient so ill split it...but anyways shits crazy son ate heaps of food, saw some serious funny shit down "la rambla" which is the main street in barca that has all the clowns and dudes who dress up and stand still in costume and this juggling soccer guy on the grind...the official man!

I got yeezys thats on the next post...

met dudes from all walks of life and deal with nike, reebok and puma over there, how they access certain shoes, tier 0 and the whole consortium + the hype behind the originals by orignals range...and how important themed stores are...which is ever so evident in barca...the city seriously shat on italy on so many levels...any homies speak english...unlike the stubborn italians...

Ill leave you with the pics and next post will have all that hypy videos!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2nd update! florence oooooh baby

Just rocked through Florence for the day probbaly will have to go back due to the illustrious stupid italian lines to get in to the museum...9 hours down, almost knocked a statue over in the ufitzi museum...and yeah the rest is history...stinking hot, chocolate waffles, and a maesto knows a double cheese cheese...

All out a mean day, but so much to see and so lil bow wow time...

ponder this....oooooooooooooooooooooh

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Into Bologna...random flicks

Couple days down and gettin to grips with to roma today for a couple of days and then got the famila from hollandia down in italia for a couple of days...ended up going to some Mcarthur Glenn outlet mall yesterday an hour out of bologna, outlet stores for D&G, Prada, adidas etc coinage dropped, wish i could say the same for the others who walked out with suits and shoes...Crack up turning on italian sky watchin super 14 rugby in italian...imagine watchin takashi's castle but then a rugby version and then in italian...bologna is a dope city but a tad boring and at the same time dirty as fuck...tagging everywhere (no HEIST) however what the city loses on their walls it makes up for in their way of life which is capital B allin...Hit up some churches, saw some clergy men, and got denied from using MCDONALDS bathrooms which were upstairs because we didnt have a "ticket" which I guess meant receipt of i ran game on this dude, confused him with endless amounts of bullshit (all in english) he got confused and said use the toilets, and I turned around and said nah...fuck your toilets....imagine if I did say that though...oooooooooh what a bad ass! Photos are of the last couple of days some of the house, the park by the house, and city etc get the idea...swaaaaaaager

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Travelling sucks! Ive done a lot of it over the last 22 years and the one trip i dread making is the NZ - EUROPE... there is a shit load of waiting around, which is then followed by boredom which then justifys spending money on starbucks and burger king in hong kong airport...Air NZ rules for leg room, Lufthansa sucks balls pretty much, at least we didnt have oversized bavarian dudes rolling 20 deep around us, in stead we had some KO'd asian cat pounding some serious sleeping pills...We met the guy who represents LAS VEGAS to the world as a destination at the line to BK inHK...nice dude he also is the number 1 ELVIS impersonator and showed us photos of him and Heidi Klum together as well as him mentioning that hes in the next TOP MODEL or runway bullshit...nice dude though....had a mickey rourke meets tom berenger vibe to him...hong kong is funny its like all these asian dudes are deaf and just "scream" at each other, but really theyre just talking...just like today walking around IKEA and all the italians are loud but really they just vibing with each other...FUIGAZZI...

I re discovered snapple in the aiport the other day...that drink is OFFICIAL...i had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the states and found it again in HK...thank you sugar/fruit goodness!!...will update as soon as I get more flicks up, the bro flown in from London, saw Kate Moss at Gordon Ramseys restaurant said she was tiny and way more prettier in real life...heard that one before, although John Legend really only is 5 ft 2! The photos attached of me smiling is in Hk and the grumpy ones in Frankfurt...I hate Germany, I always have...the people suck...I can say that as I grew up with them...their food is practically the fundamentals to their society and lifetsyle, if only that good taste could rub off on them as a race...ahaha nah theyre not that bad...jet lag sucks balls!

Thursday, March 26, 2009







A sneak Peek

Something we've been working on...09 is our year...get at me!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LEgaL AboRTioN???

Quick question, when does legs splitting, sweat on foreheads, blood, long chord and newly born go a plane? Fuck abortion, just have it in Pacific Blue and drop it off in the bin...Welcome to "Aukland" and enjoy your stay!

ThE wEeK tHaT wAs

In the space of the last couple of months I have had some chance encounters with dudes who role heavy/light and pack some serious heat...on a retail buzz tho

Its funny as there is a personal profound respect for those on both sides...

Dudes like Jake and Chey from LOWER & ABC respectively undeniably deserve more than just "kudos" for what they do...the hype and buzz followed by season to season proves to reiterate the fact now that these brands are on another tier...

Then cats like AJ from ADIDAS roll through and despite the fact that he didn't create ADIDAS he still deserves the baller cred for being a serious on to it and down to earth cat for the love of the game...

This isn't a "on my knees - blowing a load - tickling balls session" but more what so ever, see this as raw inspiration...dudes at a relative young age doing their thing on a whole other level, more responsibility and opportunity to take things within the national and international level...

Its just dope to see something, despite a negative media induced climate we live in, to see dudes on the grind and keepin it real at the same time...Whether it be character traits or pure desire to succeed, it proves to be an inspiration to be better and greater and excel on some whole other shit!

I feel like Im on some whole other REV RUN shit right here lying in the bath sending morning prayers from my bath tub...In a week Im off to see the family in Italy, and do a getaway to Barcelona for a few days...Face value a holiday, but really so much more than that, with a once in a year vibe to see the family...and some Q TIP - REFLECTION...

Its been 6 years since I left my family on the other side of the world, and it feels like yesterday which is scary...ITS A RACE AGAINST TIME!

And if you think you had a bad day just wonder what went down backstage after this one!

rappers take heed ... a flash back

This was hype for me 3-4 years ago...on the tip when kano was flying high..I was rollin through Austria, Vienna catching up with the boys and hanging with the family...Snowboarding down the mountains in Italy blasting this track whilst speeding down the slopes to the chalet...On face value one would think wtf? You would have had to be crying when listening to this, resulting in frozen-ice-tears causing extreme blindness...well yes but I had goggles...One day I'll have the power to make movement like this until then see you at the 9-5 buzz

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ETHICAL on some hype shit

I dig the MTC vibe... but on serious shit I dig this track...the video is killah and the song is ballin...there is something honestly humbling and real about a dude who may sell the "hard" image, breaking out about whats real on a ridiculously easy hook like and sinker with the smooth back beats...The dude Merriweather laces it down with the voice that sets the pace...Its crazy the last 3-4 posts have been about NZ hiphop vids and recent releases...Ill be honest I didn't buuy Ethical's lastest album (coming of age?)...I bought off ITUNES "talk of the town" and have followed him through whatever track or vid he pops up on...sponosred by the cats from LOWER ( hes a got a great team backing him up with links in NY...some would say a benchmarker!

Dope track and dope vid which reminded of the video below it...MITCHELL BROTHERS - ALONE WITH THE TV....enjoy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So im re in ve nt in g my self through TWITTER...but since im not cashed up like Johnny and not smart as mr MAC im just updating my twitter online :

i dont really know what the point is ... not much exciting happens but at the same point who cares its fun to write bullshit to 3 followers just like this blog...i could write on and on and on and on...and just write senseless shit like how im working out at the moment and i consumed a whole bag of lollies (PAMS) and real tired...but just wouldnt be fun for anyone ( although i cud go on for ages) so yeah hit it up if u keen if not...east shit!

ANGELS....on the T . I . P

hmmmmmm....I like Switzerland...its a cool place, nice food, kinda fucked how they think theyre so cool so they don't use the EURO (currency) and they never really ever do have an opinion...Im dutch and kiwi, i save money and sometimes hold back on the front, which could make me a dick...either way when people listen to this track the following consist:

2.UNDECIDED (citizens of switzerland)

1.Now the HATERS hate because it aint hiphop...and these small % are generally still waiting for the underground to rise above the struggle...(wake up it aint gonna happen, and the reason theyre underground is cuz theyre to shit to make it during day time) HATERS hang on to what they remember, theyre all about memories and reminiscing...
but HATERS dont like when the world changes and improves etc, the HATERS stay on their comps and in their shitty 9-5 job just hating, rolling a smoke, drinkin double brown and contemplating what horse to bet's such as RONSON, AM, A TRAK have all dabbled hiphop and then changed their course...

2. UNDECIDED people are funny...they kinda wait to see what the HATERS and the LOVERS have to say about it...if HATERS say fuck this shit, then so does he, but if the LOVERS say i like, so does he...but if LOVERS and HATERS are in the same room...then mr UNDECIDED goes to take a shit to buy time.

3. LOVERS...they're kind of wierd, when people love a track, does it mean they dig it or they love it cuz thats their mood at the moment ... but that mood being that sense it could be vital to string a branch between UNDECIDED and LOVERS and call it the FEELERS...

I feel this track...i remember pete playing this to me, sam, ailsa and flo one night and kinda buggin on it, kinda like when some annoyin dude is at the movies in front of you and just munchin on ice the whole say something or nah? you not undeceided cuz u know what you want to do and how you feel...i let the song sink and then copped it on ITUNES...and been loopin it ever since...its a power play, with elements of few and far between chucked in...its dope...its gotta "smack my bitch up meets firestarter" from PRODIDGY vibe...where you might not here it for a month or two and then hear it again and realise why you "felt" it the first time...

bazooka kid remix? ahah

Some "HOME & WAY" chick ft. PNC

First off...this video is ballin'...concept and everything nailed to a T..the dude samuelle aka kneegrow holds it down on the black and white front, nailing all that attempt to fluctuate color in his way with his mad WU tang ninja mind tricks assassinating all that attempt to screw with the beat...this other chick...not sure how to say be politically correct Ill say this wasn't her song...obviously she can sing, just don't reckon this was the song that real showcased who or what she trying to be...instead repelling Sam into a takeover mode and ballin it out like the wallflowers at the school disco's next to the fizzy punch stand!
Maybe a marketing strategy to have a greater response to the song and zoom onto stardom, why not have a rapper as n accomplice, that way all the less fortunate people will know im down for the cause...she almost had it, but none the less great 16's


I'm a sucker for catchy hooks and especially dual monotonic old black men singing in the background, but never seeing their faces who go "ooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh" ... mix that in with some serious straight forward, no bullshit, 101 hip hop guideline music video stance, a modest wardrobe (i.e not to flash which is a good thing) and DEVOLO who is the have a hit...or at least i reckon you still has the hard line underlined muscle and hustle that "borrowed time" had but now with a splash of swagger and a pinch of james brown, there is something that even the odd Caucasian can get down too! Its dope...simple yet effective...if this is the way 2009 is shaping out to be, were lookin' real good...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ALIFE AXZ X ADIDAS...the hardest shoes to get


Aquiring sneakers has always been much of a talent for a few people...buying them full price is another thing...maybe because Im dutch which means it aint much, but either way im a sucker for ALIFE...( the footwear and apparel is ballin out of control and my collection boasts some 15 odd pairs of collabs with REEBOK pump, with WU TANG and just straight when they released the azx online it was a must...i owed it to myself and it dropping around my birthday was a must for my girlfriend to cop it for me...what a coincidence you may say, however this is the first pair of alife collabs she has ever bought for the story begins...

As i type this I still do not have them...

first i thought this was a mishap and they would send it...but its been 3 months...whats going on? sweet fuck all is the slum dog millionare answer....ZIP, ZILCH, NADA!

So myt girlfriend calls them....with replies of "yeah no worries well send it"....still no reply or i jump in

RING RING (the sound of phones when ringing new york?)

ALIFE: Rivington Club!
Dan: Hey! Im dan, im from new zealand and ive been waiting for 2 months now for my shoes
ALIFE: (long pause)...who the fuck is this?
Dan: Dan from New Zealand
ALIFE: First off who the fuck is Dan, and where the fuck is New Zealand?
Dan: australia..? anyways bro i just want to know where my shoes are weve been emailing some dude called drucker but no reply i just want my kicks man
ALIFE: yeah you gotta email drucker
Dan (no shit!) yeah bro i did but he aint replying
ALIFE: me (chris) and ill sort it out
Dan: Mean bro thanks for this aye, so i'll just repeat your email address back to you to clarify ...
ALIFE:....BEEP BEEP (hung up on me)


RING RING (the sound of phones when ringing new york?)

ALIFE: Rivington Club!
Dan: Yes i need to talk to someone about my shoes that i bought 3 months ago!!
ALIFE: ummm Hold on dude!
(ELEVATOR MUSIC...getting transfered to someones line)
ALIFE: Jason!
Dan: Jason its dan bro i bought shoes from you guys ages ago and i still dont have them whats going on i need the us 12's!
ALIFE: man you need to slow down...i'll pass you back to chris
(ELEVATOR MUSIC...getting transfered to someones line)
ALIFE: Chris!
Dan: Chris its dan from New Zealand where are my shoes!
ALIFE: yo you that nigga that called me like a month ago from New Zealand right?!
ALIFE: then why the fuck you callin homie?
Dan: those shoes never came
ALIFE: for real dawg?
Dan: yes my shoes!
ALIFE: aiiit hold up dude, ayo Manny you send those shoes off to New Zealand homie...
ALIFE(1): What shoes?
ALIFE: Manny i put the order on your desk son, come on this nigga been waiting for months
ALIFE(1): I didnt see shit nigga...
ALIFE: ayo dan you still there?!
Dan: Yes yes yes yes ... whats up
ALIFE: email Manny hell sort it out
Dan: (thinking .... ah fuck now ive emailed everyone from the alife team!) Thanks Chris your a life saver mate (was gonna get sentimental)
ALIFE: Be easy sonALIFE:....
BEEP BEEP (hung up on me)

So i emailed Manny they sending me a half size smaller than what i bought...moral of the story is talk slow, think fast and what ever you do talk black and sound important, it seems to work better than sounding like a snobbby white dude

I thank you ALIFE!!


First and sitting in AK and sam and wes start cracking up saying that Im the dude from westlife aka mark..i googled it before you say anything....then i get a call from sams better half saying that Im now Paul wall (if i was a rapper....havent you heard my last 20 mixtapes...pacific beatz featuring split fiddy!! lolz)

but yeah payback will be a bitch as soon as i find some good match ups!!! ahahah....oooooooh revenge is sweet

Friday, January 9, 2009


ooooooh...ive been a sucker for this track eversince the snippet got released on line on the MTC always down for some greasy chicken, a copy of the notebook, writing poetry about illustrious romantic dinosaurs and more than anything when hiphop heavys drop their guard and spit "the realness" ... I personally have never sat down with Sid...ive met him on few occasions usually through Sam, and I will nervously wave, however more so admire his ease and full swing effort on live performances...aside the media's take on things I rate him as the man! I remember Felila, Campo and me going up to Auckland for the half marathon and sitting waiting in the lounge and Sid and Mr. Sicc was there...a kind of felt it was my duty as a avid fan of good music that doesnt boast a gangster background and hangs with brown and white people that like hiphop but dont tarnish its names by giving passerby's the "uber-evil-hiphop glare" that "sid, .... rock bro, your sounds ballin"

p.s who was first Duffy or Gin Wigmore...its kind of like Gin was thinkin..."ooh duffy sounds dope, NZ wont catch on to fast ill just do my thing here...and itll be a case of the egg or the chicken..."

Thats right gin and Im t Pain