Friday, January 9, 2009


ooooooh...ive been a sucker for this track eversince the snippet got released on line on the MTC always down for some greasy chicken, a copy of the notebook, writing poetry about illustrious romantic dinosaurs and more than anything when hiphop heavys drop their guard and spit "the realness" ... I personally have never sat down with Sid...ive met him on few occasions usually through Sam, and I will nervously wave, however more so admire his ease and full swing effort on live performances...aside the media's take on things I rate him as the man! I remember Felila, Campo and me going up to Auckland for the half marathon and sitting waiting in the lounge and Sid and Mr. Sicc was there...a kind of felt it was my duty as a avid fan of good music that doesnt boast a gangster background and hangs with brown and white people that like hiphop but dont tarnish its names by giving passerby's the "uber-evil-hiphop glare" that "sid, .... rock bro, your sounds ballin"

p.s who was first Duffy or Gin Wigmore...its kind of like Gin was thinkin..."ooh duffy sounds dope, NZ wont catch on to fast ill just do my thing here...and itll be a case of the egg or the chicken..."

Thats right gin and Im t Pain

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