Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So after all the daily tasks are done at work and a window of opportunity has arisen, ill generally flick through www.dompost.co.nz and keep up to date on whats going on in New Zealand i.e. breaking headlines...So today's national headine was in more words than one phenomenal...please read...

Employee compensated over 'dry humping'
Wednesday, 01 October 2008

A construction company employee has won thousands in compensation after being subjected to workplace antics such as "dry humping" and "genital flicking".

He said one incident in 2007 involved the company's managing director (Mr E) approaching him from behind while he was bending over and "rubbing his genital area" against his backside – a term the report described as "dry humping".

At a Christmas function the same year, Mr C said he was the subject of another unpleasant experience, which the ERA report described as "genital flicking".

"This was a process where, when a group of workmates were standing together, typically in a social environment, one or other of them would flick at or near the genitals of a colleague nearby, allegedly with purpose of making the recipient spill his drink."

Mr E said he recalled some genital flicking, along with Mr C's protests, but that he had told staff "not to flick Mr C's balls because he doesn't like it".


Now i would not call what that dude did as dry humping...its more like Mr A, was drunk, hasnt had much luck with women and finally realised, "fuck it...i might just push my luck and see where it takes me...either way I got a back up plans...just brand it as *a guy thing*" ahaha

This guys a l-e-g-e-n-d! I wish I was a fly on the wall when Mr E told the staff not to "flick" Mr C's balls...how can you go home and talk to the family and be serious about your job and how much you enjoy it, when you get breiefed at morning smoko about ball tap.

It really does make me realise what a perfect country we live in and on that note where ever you are Mr C, E or Z...we all feel your pain!

Where AKON at?!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zen bar - How I never met Devolo

So Friday night was the first time id been out in Auckland...now in Wellington you can walk to all bars within 10 mins.....AK seems to have its own areas/zones...in wellington there are a few hiphop bars...one was I95 and before that the infamous THE LAB! That was the place were white people were a novelty factor in there...and the white girls addressed each other as "uso" or "chur cuz" ... we now have Coyotes and Shooters,,,mean aye!!! Fuckin beats the clubs in "The Hills" or the 40/40!!

I rocked up to Zen with my man E dub (legend) into the lingering pits of hiphop purgatory....wow!!!! Im staring at Jordans, timberlands, air max 90's, tall tees everywhere, doo rangs and throwbacks...HOLY SHIT!!! I see Sam, Ailsa and Felila at the bar and run to whats safe...after a few drinks (rum& coke drink of choice in the 09) you start to loosen up, survey the surroundings and start to realise this is what Ive always pictured myself going to at one stage in my life...its incredible, pardon my french but i was surrounded by "phatty bitches" rumpshaking and dropping minge on the d floor.

Id met Awa, from nesian, that day but as soon as he rolled through it was good to see a familiar face...its funny how when you leave your area code and the bars that youre used to you kind of feel out of your element and uneasy. In wellington I tend to roll with Marino and So'o (that making me the token white man) but you never have to worry about anything. Back to the 09, the night progressed I got to meet Mareko, Dj sirvere (surrounded by women and his ever flashin digital camera), the dude from JUICY TV, Corey (awa's mate, who straps his camera to his bicep...wow) and Devolo....but i didnt meet Devolo...if you wonder why...dont wonder...just appreciate his music ahahaha

Highlight was getting stalked by an asian methodist who overly intoxicated was working her way through me to get to Sam...

"...so who are you really?"

ahahaha....biiaaaaaatch eat a dick

Went to denny's till 7am...toasted sammys overrated, but it still cracks me up how the place is empty at 5am yet they still make you wait for 10mins....whats with that? and whats with the people that have exploding faces and bubbles...

on that note im going to leave you avid readers with a video from Devolo....this song really is good/catchy

good to put the name to the face ahahah

SUPERCLUB 2 ... its a wRAP

so its the time again...the first SUPERCLUB was crazy...now this time theres a line up to fill all the needs for the cats in the 04! Shan obviously doing big things here and now with this lineup you gotta get in and grab those tickets...and the unofficial before-after party will be hosted in campo's room...(that sweet...shot?!) just make sure no one fucks with his dvd collection i.e pushing one in and DMX is a must on the playlist...I think he'd be in heaven if DMX dressed up as Batman and did a song about ACC...hes one of a kind!

Puma or Adidas? ahahah


It seems crazy to think bernie mac and isaac hayes just passed away and now its Paul Newman...I remember watching this guy every lazy Sunday with my old man in films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Towering Inferno, the color of money and especially Road to Perdition...if this guy was my old man's idol, it kind of makes you think is there someone out there right now from our generation this can match to that kind of calibre....and have released the best salad dressing ever..I wonder if Lil Wayne will make a salad dressing....some of that sizzurp shit!!


P MONEY - Everything

I had the pleasure of meeting Pete on friday night on the piss with Felila, Ailsa, Sam, lani and Pete's man Earl aka E dub (I'd pay to watch this guy on a truman show gig he is hilarious)...real good cat and has mad plans up his sleeve for the future which no doubt will be updated through here as it ticks along...No matter what you say whether you hiphop or not...this track is dope...I dont know what him, sam and those dirrty cats are drinking but the videos streaming from that front are on another level to what we seen before...

And to those wondering (like i did) the dudes on the shoulder represent the "music" notice when P isnt listening to music he aint got anyone on his shoulders....."ohhhhh true bro" and gotta love Sam's acting ability at the end with the "hoody" shrug when him and Dave steal Mr. Harder!!



The worst feeling is grabbing these off Alife's website 2 months ago and then opening up stock at work and realising we selling them ahahah....ah well discounts on!!

These aren't everyone's cup of tea however I HEART ALIFE

a collab series is one to be cherished whether it be between artists, shoe firms or even fashion brands...sleep now and you'll regret it...the summer is almost....almost here so cop these now and thank us later!! (mean sales pitch)

Whether you a blood, crip or killah bee we got all best interests at heart!!!



Ari Gold is my idol...for those who do not know...watch the clip to understand that every person needs one of these in youre life!!

PNC - Take me home

The latest video to make it to the NZ music scene...c'mon now Russell Simmons we got something here!

D RASCAL at the powerstation!

I'd been feeling this dudes music since back in the day when napster first arrived and i could download the 21seconds from so solid crew on the dial up...and the old lady would hit you up on why the Internet download capacity had gone over usage!! To find out that Semtex was doing backdrops was incredible, as I used to stream his shit live back in Austria off www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra I flew up that day as had to work at LOADED to cover, and met the hype man for d rascal...one of those guys who's just a good cunt...chatting for 45Min's on the sneaker game in Europe and talking shit about his stories about the trip so far before I even knew who the dude was!! Funny enough he ended up doing a shout out to us before 'Flex" started...the funny thing is that Wellington never gets shit like that...yeah we get the odd musician but not of that calibre and hardly ever rolls through the shop in the 04...biggest thing we had was Poison and elemeno P....woaaaah hold up!

Sam and Dave Dallas opened up which was mind blowing because I never seen them perform live like that before, and it blew me away...its always interesting to see what the response would be to hometown artists...In wellington we love those dudes and people go crazy just seeing those cats roll through town, but you would think people in AK would see them as a regular thing...but hell nah! the crowd went crazy through out the whole set and set up a reassurance that these guys are officially on top of the game in NZ as we speak!!

But yeah if any of you guys see the Hypeman tell em that I say thanks!!! ahahahaha

p.s shout outs to Liam and Jake the funniest combo I have ever witnessed on the juice!


I got hooked onto this video from my man Campo & Sam...this dude Tim Westwood is the illest muh fuc*ka to make it out of the UK!! his interview techniques are incredible and his enthusiasm is unlike any other...His interview with Jigga blows my mind ahahahaha

Check if after the jump!! yahhhhhhh