Sunday, September 28, 2008

D RASCAL at the powerstation!

I'd been feeling this dudes music since back in the day when napster first arrived and i could download the 21seconds from so solid crew on the dial up...and the old lady would hit you up on why the Internet download capacity had gone over usage!! To find out that Semtex was doing backdrops was incredible, as I used to stream his shit live back in Austria off I flew up that day as had to work at LOADED to cover, and met the hype man for d of those guys who's just a good cunt...chatting for 45Min's on the sneaker game in Europe and talking shit about his stories about the trip so far before I even knew who the dude was!! Funny enough he ended up doing a shout out to us before 'Flex" started...the funny thing is that Wellington never gets shit like that...yeah we get the odd musician but not of that calibre and hardly ever rolls through the shop in the 04...biggest thing we had was Poison and elemeno P....woaaaah hold up!

Sam and Dave Dallas opened up which was mind blowing because I never seen them perform live like that before, and it blew me away...its always interesting to see what the response would be to hometown artists...In wellington we love those dudes and people go crazy just seeing those cats roll through town, but you would think people in AK would see them as a regular thing...but hell nah! the crowd went crazy through out the whole set and set up a reassurance that these guys are officially on top of the game in NZ as we speak!!

But yeah if any of you guys see the Hypeman tell em that I say thanks!!! ahahahaha

p.s shout outs to Liam and Jake the funniest combo I have ever witnessed on the juice!

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