Sunday, September 28, 2008

P MONEY - Everything

I had the pleasure of meeting Pete on friday night on the piss with Felila, Ailsa, Sam, lani and Pete's man Earl aka E dub (I'd pay to watch this guy on a truman show gig he is hilarious)...real good cat and has mad plans up his sleeve for the future which no doubt will be updated through here as it ticks along...No matter what you say whether you hiphop or not...this track is dope...I dont know what him, sam and those dirrty cats are drinking but the videos streaming from that front are on another level to what we seen before...

And to those wondering (like i did) the dudes on the shoulder represent the "music" notice when P isnt listening to music he aint got anyone on his shoulders....."ohhhhh true bro" and gotta love Sam's acting ability at the end with the "hoody" shrug when him and Dave steal Mr. Harder!!


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