Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Into Bologna...random flicks

Couple days down and gettin to grips with shiiiat...off to roma today for a couple of days and then got the famila from hollandia down in italia for a couple of days...ended up going to some Mcarthur Glenn outlet mall yesterday an hour out of bologna, outlet stores for D&G, Prada, adidas etc etc...no coinage dropped, wish i could say the same for the others who walked out with suits and shoes...Crack up turning on italian sky watchin super 14 rugby in italian...imagine watchin takashi's castle but then a rugby version and then in italian...bologna is a dope city but a tad boring and at the same time dirty as fuck...tagging everywhere (no HEIST) however what the city loses on their walls it makes up for in their way of life which is capital B allin...Hit up some churches, saw some clergy men, and got denied from using MCDONALDS bathrooms which were upstairs because we didnt have a "ticket" which I guess meant receipt of purchase...so i ran game on this dude, confused him with endless amounts of bullshit (all in english) he got confused and said use the toilets, and I turned around and said nah...fuck your toilets....imagine if I did say that though...oooooooooh what a bad ass! Photos are of the last couple of days some of the house, the park by the house, and city etc etc...you get the idea...swaaaaaaager

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Travelling sucks! Ive done a lot of it over the last 22 years and the one trip i dread making is the NZ - EUROPE... there is a shit load of waiting around, which is then followed by boredom which then justifys spending money on starbucks and burger king in hong kong airport...Air NZ rules for leg room, Lufthansa sucks balls pretty much, at least we didnt have oversized bavarian dudes rolling 20 deep around us, in stead we had some KO'd asian cat pounding some serious sleeping pills...We met the guy who represents LAS VEGAS to the world as a destination at the line to BK inHK...nice dude he also is the number 1 ELVIS impersonator and showed us photos of him and Heidi Klum together as well as him mentioning that hes in the next TOP MODEL or runway bullshit...nice dude though....had a mickey rourke meets tom berenger vibe to him...hong kong is funny its like all these asian dudes are deaf and just "scream" at each other, but really theyre just talking...just like today walking around IKEA and all the italians are loud but really they just vibing with each other...FUIGAZZI...

I re discovered snapple in the aiport the other day...that drink is OFFICIAL...i had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the states and found it again in HK...thank you sugar/fruit goodness!!...will update as soon as I get more flicks up, the bro flown in from London, saw Kate Moss at Gordon Ramseys restaurant said she was tiny and way more prettier in real life...heard that one before, although John Legend really only is 5 ft 2! The photos attached of me smiling is in Hk and the grumpy ones in Frankfurt...I hate Germany, I always have...the people suck...I can say that as I grew up with them...their food is practically the fundamentals to their society and lifetsyle, if only that good taste could rub off on them as a race...ahaha nah theyre not that bad...jet lag sucks balls!

Thursday, March 26, 2009









A sneak Peek

Something we've been working on...09 is our year...get at me!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

LEgaL AboRTioN???

Quick question, when does legs splitting, sweat on foreheads, blood, long chord and newly born go un-noticed...in a plane? Fuck abortion, just have it in Pacific Blue and drop it off in the bin...Welcome to "Aukland" and enjoy your stay!

ThE wEeK tHaT wAs

In the space of the last couple of months I have had some chance encounters with dudes who role heavy/light and pack some serious heat...on a retail buzz tho

Its funny as there is a personal profound respect for those on both sides...

Dudes like Jake and Chey from LOWER & ABC respectively undeniably deserve more than just "kudos" for what they do...the hype and buzz followed by season to season proves to reiterate the fact now that these brands are on another tier...

Then cats like AJ from ADIDAS roll through and despite the fact that he didn't create ADIDAS he still deserves the baller cred for being a serious on to it and down to earth cat for the love of the game...

This isn't a "on my knees - blowing a load - tickling balls session" but more what so ever, see this as raw inspiration...dudes at a relative young age doing their thing on a whole other level, more responsibility and opportunity to take things within the national and international level...

Its just dope to see something, despite a negative media induced climate we live in, to see dudes on the grind and keepin it real at the same time...Whether it be character traits or pure desire to succeed, it proves to be an inspiration to be better and greater and excel on some whole other shit!

I feel like Im on some whole other REV RUN shit right here lying in the bath sending morning prayers from my bath tub...In a week Im off to see the family in Italy, and do a getaway to Barcelona for a few days...Face value a holiday, but really so much more than that, with a once in a year vibe to see the family...and some Q TIP - REFLECTION...

Its been 6 years since I left my family on the other side of the world, and it feels like yesterday which is scary...ITS A RACE AGAINST TIME!

And if you think you had a bad day just wonder what went down backstage after this one!

rappers take heed ... a flash back

This was hype for me 3-4 years ago...on the tip when kano was flying high..I was rollin through Austria, Vienna catching up with the boys and hanging with the family...Snowboarding down the mountains in Italy blasting this track whilst speeding down the slopes to the chalet...On face value one would think wtf? You would have had to be crying when listening to this, resulting in frozen-ice-tears causing extreme blindness...well yes but I had goggles...One day I'll have the power to make movement like this until then see you at the 9-5 buzz