Sunday, March 29, 2009


Travelling sucks! Ive done a lot of it over the last 22 years and the one trip i dread making is the NZ - EUROPE... there is a shit load of waiting around, which is then followed by boredom which then justifys spending money on starbucks and burger king in hong kong airport...Air NZ rules for leg room, Lufthansa sucks balls pretty much, at least we didnt have oversized bavarian dudes rolling 20 deep around us, in stead we had some KO'd asian cat pounding some serious sleeping pills...We met the guy who represents LAS VEGAS to the world as a destination at the line to BK inHK...nice dude he also is the number 1 ELVIS impersonator and showed us photos of him and Heidi Klum together as well as him mentioning that hes in the next TOP MODEL or runway bullshit...nice dude though....had a mickey rourke meets tom berenger vibe to him...hong kong is funny its like all these asian dudes are deaf and just "scream" at each other, but really theyre just talking...just like today walking around IKEA and all the italians are loud but really they just vibing with each other...FUIGAZZI...

I re discovered snapple in the aiport the other day...that drink is OFFICIAL...i had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the states and found it again in HK...thank you sugar/fruit goodness!!...will update as soon as I get more flicks up, the bro flown in from London, saw Kate Moss at Gordon Ramseys restaurant said she was tiny and way more prettier in real life...heard that one before, although John Legend really only is 5 ft 2! The photos attached of me smiling is in Hk and the grumpy ones in Frankfurt...I hate Germany, I always have...the people suck...I can say that as I grew up with them...their food is practically the fundamentals to their society and lifetsyle, if only that good taste could rub off on them as a race...ahaha nah theyre not that bad...jet lag sucks balls!

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  1. JL is taller than Kan Yewest whose height is 5 ft 7.
    See this picture above: