Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Into Bologna...random flicks

Couple days down and gettin to grips with shiiiat...off to roma today for a couple of days and then got the famila from hollandia down in italia for a couple of days...ended up going to some Mcarthur Glenn outlet mall yesterday an hour out of bologna, outlet stores for D&G, Prada, adidas etc etc...no coinage dropped, wish i could say the same for the others who walked out with suits and shoes...Crack up turning on italian sky watchin super 14 rugby in italian...imagine watchin takashi's castle but then a rugby version and then in italian...bologna is a dope city but a tad boring and at the same time dirty as fuck...tagging everywhere (no HEIST) however what the city loses on their walls it makes up for in their way of life which is capital B allin...Hit up some churches, saw some clergy men, and got denied from using MCDONALDS bathrooms which were upstairs because we didnt have a "ticket" which I guess meant receipt of purchase...so i ran game on this dude, confused him with endless amounts of bullshit (all in english) he got confused and said use the toilets, and I turned around and said nah...fuck your toilets....imagine if I did say that though...oooooooooh what a bad ass! Photos are of the last couple of days some of the house, the park by the house, and city etc etc...you get the idea...swaaaaaaager

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