Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zen bar - How I never met Devolo

So Friday night was the first time id been out in in Wellington you can walk to all bars within 10 mins.....AK seems to have its own areas/ wellington there are a few hiphop was I95 and before that the infamous THE LAB! That was the place were white people were a novelty factor in there...and the white girls addressed each other as "uso" or "chur cuz" ... we now have Coyotes and Shooters,,,mean aye!!! Fuckin beats the clubs in "The Hills" or the 40/40!!

I rocked up to Zen with my man E dub (legend) into the lingering pits of hiphop!!!! Im staring at Jordans, timberlands, air max 90's, tall tees everywhere, doo rangs and throwbacks...HOLY SHIT!!! I see Sam, Ailsa and Felila at the bar and run to whats safe...after a few drinks (rum& coke drink of choice in the 09) you start to loosen up, survey the surroundings and start to realise this is what Ive always pictured myself going to at one stage in my life...its incredible, pardon my french but i was surrounded by "phatty bitches" rumpshaking and dropping minge on the d floor.

Id met Awa, from nesian, that day but as soon as he rolled through it was good to see a familiar face...its funny how when you leave your area code and the bars that youre used to you kind of feel out of your element and uneasy. In wellington I tend to roll with Marino and So'o (that making me the token white man) but you never have to worry about anything. Back to the 09, the night progressed I got to meet Mareko, Dj sirvere (surrounded by women and his ever flashin digital camera), the dude from JUICY TV, Corey (awa's mate, who straps his camera to his and Devolo....but i didnt meet Devolo...if you wonder why...dont wonder...just appreciate his music ahahaha

Highlight was getting stalked by an asian methodist who overly intoxicated was working her way through me to get to Sam...

" who are you really?"

ahahaha....biiaaaaaatch eat a dick

Went to denny's till 7am...toasted sammys overrated, but it still cracks me up how the place is empty at 5am yet they still make you wait for 10mins....whats with that? and whats with the people that have exploding faces and bubbles...

on that note im going to leave you avid readers with a video from Devolo....this song really is good/catchy

good to put the name to the face ahahah


  1. doo rags.....explosion head and circle face - i think pnc saw those guys....

  2. I love the word minge, im glad your reppin' it.