Sunday, April 19, 2009


People gradually realise i post alot of PNC and P MONEY and etc etc on this blog and thats also because a lot of people that may stumble on this blog are generally lost...and under the grand scheme of things could post up any shit i wanted to and know deep down that this would get discovered by some lil homie in his room eating porridge in bermingham UK looking for the tim westwood shit...then he hits me and scrolls down, plays the song, and tells his mate...thats how it works, its called pull my finger and ill fart...nah wrong game...ahaha anyways...its a dope track..a back and forth banter of fans and love for music and hate that comes alongside, a true tribute to what can be an ambassador to real hiphop minus guns, drive bys, 40's and some ho callled rosa parks...5 stars...yeah thats right i said it!


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