Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What's up people?
How are ya?
Im back...whats been happening?
I got demoted after i got back from holiday, but thats all good, now I just can focus more on the music and making something out of my life...
I have heavily relied on smokes + booze, but im kickin the habit and taking on this bullshit head on...
So 2nd June the album dropped...today...yes...and i bought it, en route to lunch with Marino apres the gym...I feel like im Kirsty Alley, constantly dropping and gaining weight, and then twittering about it...fuckin tweets!


Leading up to this glorious day We all had been launched into the new PNC steez with bangers like FIND ME, MOONLIGHT, TAKE ME HOME, WHATS UP and recently TONIGHT...

But hold up theres more of that goodness/funk/electro meets eiffel 65 goodness wrapped in this album marked at $29.99 like a bar of wonkas chocolate son!!

This track is my shit!!! Its hype, funky beats produced by Forty One & Evan Short, the dude Sam's lyrics butter the track like a hot cross bun on easter weekend when you really want to buy only one but go for that second one anyway! The opening seconds make me think, if I was Michael Bay or the dude who directed Teen Werewolf and was going to do a Kirate kid movie, about some fat kid whos loses weight and fucks mother fuckers up at the end, and has a crazy orgy on the beach with a bunch of sweedish models who's boat stopped working,....(breathe)....then this song would play....seize the day muh fuckers!

1/2 KAST
I like my slow songs...i like them when i know big dudes sing on them too...i like them when the lyrics make sense, I like them when its raining and cold, and u can just remember shit like ... where all my money went, or how rude i was at some point, or aspiring to be greater (or not) ahaha....but this track is a def sunday thrasher, chilling at a cafe sipping some of that sizzurp aka hot chocolate with two marashmallows (one pink+one white) and 2 sugars...with a "thugs mansion" twang to it, its a keeper, in my "sentimental" playlist on my ipod...its no often i got gooze bumps unless i hear something great or its actually really cold...but i got em!

Tyra sounds hot...i havent met her, but sister has some soultry vibes running thru the track...this is the kinda track that belongs on a SNATCH movie when all that shit goes slow mow and dogs are chasing rabbits etc...its some real hype run to the gym despite the snow and smash a boxing bag shit...u gotta hear...its hype.

I love this album, even if sam was a dick i'd still like it, but he isn't which is cool...but either way the album is destined for sucess and is rare to see albums exceed such a steller bench mark set by ROOKIE CARD..i commend you my friend, and as always as are the rest of them proud to call you a friend, doing what you do best and that is some serious music!!!

BUY NZ MUSIC ... or youll end up like blanket man listening to some country american bullshit...what a Nz music hater dude!!

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