Wednesday, June 3, 2009 obsession

I have a problem...its ALIFE...i love it...i always have...its the not a hypebeast but i love the collab shit...if its alife and some other brand i need it...reebok x alife i got it...alife x asics i got it...alife x wu tang i got it...and now alife x fila...dayyyym shit looks aight, ALIFE whored themselves out for a while but now they keeping it real...their new website if sweet and sexy...every tempted shoppers nightmare, encouraging ever growing visa card man james ( made a fair enough call on the ALIFE chaser model which went wickity wack and took some D12 X zebra based purple stripe to an already wack model...but FILA has done them proud!! just had a massive sale on ALIFE and i raped the shit out of it...literally bent it backwards and ate a doule quarter pounder off it while i pinned away on paypal...i have a rep code as well but its buried amongst my junk email box shared with penis pills, adopting russian wives and how i missed the phone call that i won a million trillion dollars...if u want it hit me and it gives you 20% off...mean aye yeah hard out G!

I got those J5S on ice aka pic above...3m is average but the red suede is buttery like eating red riding she a blood? Who knows some of that gang war fare shiaaaat! Jordan 1 countdown pack coming soon JUly i think might be a cop but not to sure, unrelentless spending aka useless but well see...Im still fiening for the AIR MAX 95 neon release ... dope sneaker, dope model, just eating arse about the price...will need to ponder on that biatch too! and plus i have to pay felila back...

Daniel Merriweather is cool...aside from the biblical name shared by me...his parents named him after me, his last name is rad...its like his parents conceived him on christmas eve with mean weather...aka merry - weather....yeah dry!


  1. You need to hit drucker@alifenyc for some swag. Nice and respect.
    ! JESTISM©1970

  2. Anonymous said...
    ''You need to hit drucker@alifenyc for some swag. Nice and respect.
    ! JESTISM©1970''


  3. Yarrgh, them J's are killing me - the ones to the right though. was them the tora tora bull running pack?