Sunday, April 19, 2009

dave chappelle move over

We saw this dude today before we had to train, bus, and fly back to Italy...this guy dressed as a clown, with a real squeeeky voice held the whole street on lock down and basically ran a show on the other side of the street...dude had like 200 people stop on :la rambla: and watch his antics...everything from hasseling old spanish ladies, to kids, and groups of dudes...check the homage he pays to 007...all you could hear was deafening laughter for ages...
I wonder if he pays taxes?
any if he did what would his job description be...i dress as a clown, and immitate people and chase any demographic up a street...ahh yes youre a jahovas witness?

either way dude made everyones day so whoever you are keep on slappin that paint on your face, and keep on not paying taxes...we love you for it! OLA!!!

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