Sunday, April 19, 2009

Barcelona ... what can i say?

So on friday flo and I took off to barcelona as you do (not) and grabbed a ryan air flight to gerona which is like 1 hour out of barcelona...the plane was shit, leg room was crap and you dont get pre booked seats so its a free for all...stand your ground son! ahaha...aaaaaaaaaanyways touch down in gerona hit up the bus, which is pretty much like the plane but on wheels minus the A/C...
So we left buno siera and arrived in OLA SENIOR!
hotel we stayed at ballin, nice low key right on the main strip and close to everything in need to be seen! So we drop our bags, wash our face, change my undies, lace my feet and we walk and walk walk...around 9pm we roll down to 24 KILATES a store in barcelona that I have become "friendly" with and LOADED has sold their collab with NB shoes...hype beast 101 son!

Was dope talking to the fore front till about 12am drinkin spanish beer, looking at the REEBOK range for winter in europe (ladies ladies ladies...freestyles galore) and the ROCKSMITH range which is tip drill ill! Pol (owner) distro's all that round europe and they way they showed us how they livin ... its all gooooooooood!


Now SPAIN 101: shops open at 10am and close at 12:30pm ... open at 16pm and shut at 20pm...what they do at lunch...umm sleep and eat, but mainly sleep...out of it...yeah pol was aying they dont eat till 11pm, party at 3am and go home at 8am...good one, fuck being the sober driver

We walked around the whole of the city, checked out the zoo ... random yes, but whens the last time you saw lions, tigers and bears (oh my) and dragons and shit...ahahah jizz jokes...nah but seriously the funniest thing on this planet is watchin a hippo go for a swim with his mate...and casually take a shit in the pool that theyre swimming in and watching it all float to the top...and at the same time the other hippo yawns and almost eats his mates shit...friendship taken to a whole other level...WORD!

fuck i just relised theres so much to write and im getting impatient so ill split it...but anyways shits crazy son ate heaps of food, saw some serious funny shit down "la rambla" which is the main street in barca that has all the clowns and dudes who dress up and stand still in costume and this juggling soccer guy on the grind...the official man!

I got yeezys thats on the next post...

met dudes from all walks of life and deal with nike, reebok and puma over there, how they access certain shoes, tier 0 and the whole consortium + the hype behind the originals by orignals range...and how important themed stores are...which is ever so evident in barca...the city seriously shat on italy on so many levels...any homies speak english...unlike the stubborn italians...

Ill leave you with the pics and next post will have all that hypy videos!

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