Thursday, February 26, 2009

ETHICAL on some hype shit

I dig the MTC vibe... but on serious shit I dig this track...the video is killah and the song is ballin...there is something honestly humbling and real about a dude who may sell the "hard" image, breaking out about whats real on a ridiculously easy hook like and sinker with the smooth back beats...The dude Merriweather laces it down with the voice that sets the pace...Its crazy the last 3-4 posts have been about NZ hiphop vids and recent releases...Ill be honest I didn't buuy Ethical's lastest album (coming of age?)...I bought off ITUNES "talk of the town" and have followed him through whatever track or vid he pops up on...sponosred by the cats from LOWER ( hes a got a great team backing him up with links in NY...some would say a benchmarker!

Dope track and dope vid which reminded of the video below it...MITCHELL BROTHERS - ALONE WITH THE TV....enjoy!

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