Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ANGELS....on the T . I . P

hmmmmmm....I like Switzerland...its a cool place, nice food, kinda fucked how they think theyre so cool so they don't use the EURO (currency) and they never really ever do have an opinion...Im dutch and kiwi, i save money and sometimes hold back on the front, which could make me a dick...either way when people listen to this track the following consist:

2.UNDECIDED (citizens of switzerland)

1.Now the HATERS hate because it aint hiphop...and these small % are generally still waiting for the underground to rise above the struggle...(wake up it aint gonna happen, and the reason theyre underground is cuz theyre to shit to make it during day time) HATERS hang on to what they remember, theyre all about memories and reminiscing...
but HATERS dont like when the world changes and improves etc, the HATERS stay on their comps and in their shitty 9-5 job just hating, rolling a smoke, drinkin double brown and contemplating what horse to bet's such as RONSON, AM, A TRAK have all dabbled hiphop and then changed their course...

2. UNDECIDED people are funny...they kinda wait to see what the HATERS and the LOVERS have to say about it...if HATERS say fuck this shit, then so does he, but if the LOVERS say i like, so does he...but if LOVERS and HATERS are in the same room...then mr UNDECIDED goes to take a shit to buy time.

3. LOVERS...they're kind of wierd, when people love a track, does it mean they dig it or they love it cuz thats their mood at the moment ... but that mood being that sense it could be vital to string a branch between UNDECIDED and LOVERS and call it the FEELERS...

I feel this track...i remember pete playing this to me, sam, ailsa and flo one night and kinda buggin on it, kinda like when some annoyin dude is at the movies in front of you and just munchin on ice the whole say something or nah? you not undeceided cuz u know what you want to do and how you feel...i let the song sink and then copped it on ITUNES...and been loopin it ever since...its a power play, with elements of few and far between chucked in...its dope...its gotta "smack my bitch up meets firestarter" from PRODIDGY vibe...where you might not here it for a month or two and then hear it again and realise why you "felt" it the first time...

bazooka kid remix? ahah

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