Sunday, November 9, 2008

Above is Marek...

there are many ways to describe a man like marek...

He is a self proclaimed king of club music
He released 4 albums called "Hip-hop that makes you sweat down your balls i.e chris brown and terror squad"
Contributes to dans every growing grey hair
Claims he should be given leigh way because he just had a kid
Purposely lines me up to walk into his egg diagnosed farts
Starts beef with the entire Wellington hip-hop scene
Feels hiphop has lost its fun and now in turn prefers electronica and heavy rock
If it wasn't for me and loaded he would be wearing grey/grey/black
He decides what time he starts at work
He decides what time he leaves work
He spends thousands of dollars a week on shoes and doesn't tell Rose
Pretends to be a struggling Polish jew/musician and still gets shivers from the holocaust
Will never pay for anything unless it's wholesale or less than that
Spends a lot of time blogging nuisance
Receives way to much free shit when really...he does nothing
Flys up to every vice party just so he can say he goes to auckland 2 a month
Created a party called Kentucky Fried Chicken Sound System....when really that shit has been done, its called listening to the music inside KFC

....above are a few reasons why I love you Marek...keep doing your thing son!!

1 comment:

  1. Thats right, I am the baddest and bestlooking motherfucker of all time! and Dan, although I can take credit for your greying hair, your balding is clearly genetic and not my fault. ONE!