Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kanye wizzler


6pm work done, accompanied by a samoan, a tongan, a inked out surfer boy and myself (the gift of the gab), a bottle of alize and a bottle of Canadian Club, we made our way to the gig...missed scribe...caught Nas...and then saw Mr all the alternative fucks who actually understood why kanye serenaded him self for 20 minutes should all pull their knee socks up, tighten up the bow tie and get back to your gay bash swinger party, because that dude lost the plot...However in saying that Mr arrogant himself was rocking fresh J5's a must ... met the entourage in the morning...pretty much conversation went:

Dan: Yo what up...whats good....yezzzzzur...ola! etc etc

Black entourage: I got two questions for much and do you have a size 11?

Dan: Yeah bro what you guys been up to anyways...hows the tour?

Black gotta a toilet?

Dan: Ummmm no...but if you get me backstage passes ill catch your shit (exaggerated a tad)

Black entourage: Then what are we doing here?


He posed a great final question...what were you doing "Mr. I'm Kanye/nas entourage however this white muhfucker prolly dont know that i trim kanyes pupes"...I admit i eat ass when i need to...hell if its got $1000 bucks in i'd prolly rim lick and catch the aftermath...but dude you gotta be nice!

01:00am go to Sanwiches to see Nas, they want $30 im thinking .... EAT SHIT

Then Nas pulls up out back and I scream at the dude for a flick he looks at me and then walks in...I ask his lady advisor she says line up like the rest and buy a ticket...if youre reading this, eat shit, you think you're the bomb because for one night only you riding with Nas, but in 2 weeks Mr Jones wont even remember your name, and when you come crawling to Loaded for me to cheer you up with some fresh shoes and maybe some sneaker protector, ill probably upsell you a can of Ironlak and give you a bag so you can inhale the fumes!

One love Nas

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