Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chris Brown X Dan @ Loaded

Wow....where to Chris Brown and Rhianna cruised into town generally on occasions like this, when all your mates/girlfriend have paid 160 for a ticket, yet you're broke from a one night piss up called "super club" which really has financially stuffed you, you hope to get a free ticket....dream on...or maybe not...Now the key to working your way in is start small!!! I started, and a bit off a piece that may not seemed to be so easy to chew...his name is Gerald Heyward (google him, hes legit) and he is the MAN!! Aside from being afro american with a swagger hailing from Pennsylvania, he's a stand character. I hit him up in the store and started sparking up convo, and before you know it, we taking sneakers which lead him to school me on the air force 1 heritage...and I'm not talking white on white, I'm taking Quest Love collabs and Mr Cartoons laser etchings...anyways he says i need a real leather jacket, on that note excuse my self from work and take him round wellington on a little tour and show him the this dude is telling me how hes worked with Coolio, Mary j blige, just got off touring with Lil Weeeeeeezy and is tight as with Jay Z...I'm thinking this guys the man, and it semi looks as if Ive got my lips wrapped around his dick heheh...aaaaanyways im saying to the dude we gotta catch up tomorrow and grab lunch, hes goes one better and tells me to come to the gig and bring a mate...So I rocked up with Marino around 6pm ... (marino had to tell the boss at his work he ruptured his stomach mixed with indian curry shit and a tad of pink eye)...which got him there

6:30 hit were out back and the man Gerald rolls out and proves my point to Marino who thought i was all shit up until then..we met up with Flo and Pollz in line (which took 2hours to get in) and good hooked up with B A L L I N seated tickets right by the stage...felt like i was in Space Jam, watching the MonStars play.....(NOTE: I saw Young Sid today and waved at him, yet he doesn't know who I am and why should he, however despite that hes the man)...back on topic, Chris Brown killed it, Rhianna killed it with the MIA tribute and the yeah done...the rest was history...NOW THIS IS BIT IS EXCITING!!!!

So we leave and get told to hang out back, then I get a phone call from a American cell saying to come meet them at the Bolton hotel...we cruise there and the whole entourage and that are there wanting to shop...but its 1am...

So we all jump into a van with security and roll to the shop and open it up for them to do a massive yeah they rolled, 1hour and a bit later back to the hotel, me and marino grab cheeseburgers and then go to separate beds...its mind boggling just to think of it...some may think this story is ridiculous but for me this was an accomplishment...I was able to hang within a group of guys and girls who are someone big out there in the music industry and i was not a liability or a pain in the a greater sense they were intrigued by me and how we do things in NZ...Gerald was the man, one of the most modest men Ive met aside from my old man, who brought the show to life...we've exchanged email addresses hes got my number, I will email him, however to put their life and global tours into the realm of reality, there is always going to be another Dan Atkins in the next city they go to or even country...

But for the last 24 hours I felt great, and totally forgot that I went to superclub and "donated" Sam my watch, spent $550 on shots spread amongst friends however ended up Sam myself and Marino sinking the most, dancing behind the bar, and struggling to find Shan so I could grab my VIP pass which i was promised....but never got....and then flo gets knocked out by the wind and starting crying ahahhaa...priceless


  1. wow that is way cool. you just got to hang out with all of them? both chris brown and rihanna?

  2. Did Flo really get knocked over by the wind?

  3. well 'flo's' boots, slipped on the juice you could say abby....(brady bunch) and the wind added to the factor and it took 3 hours to walk home that usually takes 10mins......

    p.s.westwood - its called spell check