Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I just realised something....I don't even know how many people check this blog out at all...cuz all i got is one follower...(shot abby)...Come on pera, become a follower g, or is that only once my debts are paid...mahhhhhh man!! I will however build a straight contingency of loyal followers, so far I have Abby, Felila and Ailsa...Dave said he might link it, which is good enough as a win win for me..Maybe I should "e" interview dj sirvere and see how he does it? I reckon its the "notorious" camera...dude pulls it out everywhere, da meanest ohhh taking a dump....oh shit "say cheeeese"

Visuals seems what people into now a days, some of that less reading, and more watching and hearing, almost like the whole world wants to voluntarily be dyslexic muhh fuc*az...Maybe I should start one of those straight hunger marathon...

"I aint gonna eat mother fuc*ers until i get 10 followers and 6 hits a day..." or maybe I should get this linked to some famous as dude and then put a post up saying...."Mr ? added me as link, ... click the link here, and it automatically links back to mine"

Either way "IM ON THE "E" GRIND"...just waiting for MTC to hit me up now!!

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