Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new Hobby

Well this is the first ever post ever of that I have mentioned, a lot of people would not even know this, or that I'd be working on this on the sly...but yeah....I'm a member of the "white tails" ahaha....nah but actually I have always wanted to pursue talent management, especially that of musicians...and I have one...hes a good friend of mine, as well as a flatmate, and this is the first time im exposing him...ahaha

So basically aside from this blog dedicated to random smack as well as honoring the all might tim westwood, and nz hiphop on a different perspective, I will know be logging the rise or demise of Myself and Marino...As soon as i can i will upload a snippet of what we have worked on....the dedication is there as I have over $2000 worth of mic's and amps etc etc under my name...High Purchase...yezzzzzzzur

So yeah it has begun, to all that can help me at all please do, flick me an email or what not...anything really, so far we've had great input and hopefully more to come...p.s click on DIRTY RECORDS link on the right bar, some real interesting stuff happening those ways aka cleaning up the hiphop scene ... 1 album at a time

NEWS FLASH: I'm watching MTV and "totally Callum Best" is on TV talking to an agent, pitching why he should get signed...why should you callum...youre old man was a drunk, however a great footie my friend were made famous by fucking lindsay lohan and now shes gay...S-H-A-M-E!!!!!

Mr Sirvere add my bog to your list!!!!!!

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  1. A 'high' purchase or a hire' purchase? Sippin on the sizzurp?