Sunday, October 5, 2008

Underground Vs Reality

I-d-i-o-t-' what i like to refer to "hip hop" artists who try and spin the line about why underground is better than commercial hip hop...My side to this discussion is based on the idea that I'm an avid fan of hip hop and am currently working on an artist myself (but more of the rnb genre)...I tend to find myself fall into these awkward situations with drunk so called "up an comer's" of the hip hop field, telling me about how they "spit" on commercial NZ rappers....thats cool but why spit on success? How do you measure success? Money, music sales, fan-base, artist collaborations, myspace friends?? NZ is far to small for a group of idiots to stand by the "i only listen to underground shit....fuck the sell outs"...hip hop in New Zealand seems to be a dying breed, with resurgence of electro, dub and punk. So why stand a strong line and disagree with what success there is within the hip hop genre? It seems ridiculous for people to argue such a thing, as i may sound naive, however I'm sure people in the underground want to hit success and get heard at a larger level? ... maybe I just don't understand the whole back block behind this whole rap game...I support NZ music, I support NZ hip hop but i don't support idiots flinging mixtapes, rocking fitteds, coin save tee's, spitting nuisance, when really they're just gutted they're packing groceries, cleaning up aisle 3, and cant afford to pay for their lifestyle which primarily consists of stupidly souped up cars, a pack of DRUM rollys, and a dozen of viking at $10.99 at the Mill...maybe they haven't heard of Black Heart...I have, and its fuckin "commercially awesome"

I just had a thought...if they were underground "till the death" ...does that mean they buy BUDGET cornflakes and BUDGET soap??


Fuck the free world says B Rabbit


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  2. yeah, but your stilll a little bit ghey for knowing all the words to that cant breathe song. haha