Sunday, October 19, 2008

shake shake shake ya booooo-tay

HOLY!! what a weekend(s) to come..."Super club" aka "la clubo superbo" - aka a mix of Italian and spanish and swagger what a line up, when the AK brings the game down to Wellington, to school everyone, yezzzzzzzur...the Sunday following will most def result in lounging around, copious amount of mc donalds, heavy sweats and no doubt long indulgent snoozes on campo's couch while he configures one of his endless sound effects...Then on the Monday a 6 DAY COUNT starts, as Ill be running the Auckland half marathon, on Sunday morning up in blows my mind, that thousands upon thousands of people will be at a start line at 6.30am to run for hours and push themselves through physical boundaries...which makes me wonder why I'm doing this....I guess this is the promo place where i say "thanks to ADIDAS" for sponsoring me with free gears and will be running this half marathon for all the pale, 100kg + double chinned, have more brown mates than white, hiphop loving, white boys just like me...If you see me running early on the Sunday after you've had a great night in town the night before and are just leaving Denny's to go home at 7am, which im sure Felila, Campo, Sam and Ailsa will be doing when im at the line, stick your fist in the sky, recite either "Bad boy for life" or "notorious" (because I know all the lyrics to those tracks) and I will embrace you whilst singing the hook!! The million dollar question is whats on the IPOD playlist for the track that is for sure on there is the "Everything (rap remix)" from P Money, Vince Harder, Scribe, Pnc and D. Dallas...its pretty mean, its one of those tracks when the wind is blowing through your air, you've hit the 20km mark and have only 1000m to go, you see the line, success is imminent and then a massive sea gull shits warm poos on your forehead giving you second degree burns...buts its ok because the remix is dope and hinders the pain, especially when PNC raps about some phantom...(note to self, search lyrics at

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